11 Dec 2013

Calculate the total workdays between two dates in Excel

Level: Advanced

Ever came up with a task of calculating how many work days are there in the current year, but have no clue how to do it. One option is to count in manually, second option is using a function in Excel. If you want to know what a function is, read my earlier post here.
The solution is seemingly simple, than you even begin to ponder over the issue. Lets break it down to understand the problem statement.

Problem: How to calculate the total workdays between two dates (start and end date)


We will require three types of data here, apart from having the same data format.
1) Start date
2) End date
3) List of holidays

To calculate the total workdays, use a function called Networkdays
You can know more of the function by searching on Excel using F1 button.

Steps to calculate the workdays
1) Prepare the data in a table with, start date, end date, total number of days (optional, just for example), network days and holiday list.
2) Under the Network days, type the function =networkdays in the format networkdays(start date, end date, [holidays])
3) Press enter and you are done
4) Drag the lower right corner to copy the formula for the remaining cells

Enjoy the read..


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