8 Dec 2013

Copy protect your Blog - Disable Copy/ Paste

With the increasing number of blogs, social networks and various advancements in technology, it is more increasingly important to secure your blogs from being copied by others. Imagine the time one spends in getting an idea, draft it, test it and probably work on the feed backs of respondents as well. What if all the efforts put in your blog, are copied by some user and puts up in his blog, claiming to be his/ her?
Definitely your blog traffic will be down, and so will your credibility due to the redundant post available.
A simple solution, which i found is to disable copy/ paste in blogger. (I have already disabled right click option sometime back in 2007). I am not a coder, I found the script on internet , thanks to Trickstoo for the script. Below is step by step procedure to disable copy / paste.

1) After logging into your Blogger count, go to Layout section
2) Click on "Add a Gadget" and select HTML/JavaScript option
3) Copy the code given here into HTML box
4) Click on the Save button, and test it.

You will find that, you are not able to highlight or select a text area.

Now, you might be thinking, why i have not pasted the code here!
Well, here are the obvious reasons
1) The code is not mine, hence I am giving credit to the Author who shared it
2) Since I have activated the code, how can you even think of copying it in the first place? :)


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