26 Sep 2008

Time to Blog!!

Its said that there is time for everything in  life. When you are a child, you keep your hair long and like to rock like hell, freak out like anything, be mischievous and do all those sort of things your heart says. Then you become a teenager and fall in love..and no matter how many people say "love at first sight" , for you it is countless .. you begin to spend time before the mirror more than you sleep.. you dream of all those fairies and angels  around you.. you begin to see X- ray vision of all girls...you sleep less and dream more...
When you become an adult, you tend to loose interest and try to earn money... you become more diplomatic..you try to be sophisticated piece of shit...you begin to shave your mustache even when you love to keep it... life somehow becomes slower and you try to stabilize it...

And here i am...waiting for my boss to spare half an hour to see the monthly review of the projects we had done so far...afternoon becomes evening..evening becomes night. And i thought this is the perfect time to Blog.
Well, i guess..it definitely is a good time to blog and keep up with my own thoughts... some personal space eh!


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