21 Sep 2008

Sweet Innocent Goddess !!

Ain't she cool ? My sweet lil cousin sister. It was the first time when we actually met after her birth (I was studying outside hometown) and she did not recognize me for the few days. During my short stay at home, i was so tempted to do a foto session so i waited for the day she recognize me as one of her own and not a stranger. She could not speak but would smile a lot and make gestures instead. I had so much fun with her, making gestures to her instead of talking and she would retort back with her own ways. God, she must have grown up by now and must be yelling at her parents, demanding what she wants.. toys..food.. this and that. In the end, after the foto session, i was quite contented with her support in the same.

Parents often have to parade left and right for their ward when they are small. None would like to see his/her child fret and cry.. except when she asks for something that cannot be provided... like an elephant as a pet :) No matter, parents also find the same solace and happiness in seeing their child happy. What other happiness could replace the happiness to see their child .. grow up before their own eyes?


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