19 Jul 2014

Block unwanted App and Game Requests on Facebook

I have seen so many people sweaing with regards to the app and game requests they get on Facebook. I offer them few steps, whenever I find time. The main question remains, why you get app request despite telling them not to send?

In real life scenario, it all starts when you get an app request from your friends which is tempting and you check out the app. Unknowingly you turn on the app platform on, which leads from one to another app. After a span of time, you can get bored and stop using it. But, the app will keep collecting data from your FB profile in the background and keep posting on your own behalf. Many of these apps which are not from authentic sources, can collect information from your FB activity and can be a cause of your facebook account to get hacked.

Get into the Settings page for the account and open the Blocking tab.
Blocking options

1. Block users
Not all the FB users in your friend list are actual users that you know personally. Some may be acquaintances, which you may have met, and some which you just blindly came friend with. If such a user uses an app or game in FB,
then you will recieve app and game request. The request is unknowingly sent out by the application itself and not the users fault. However if there are such friends, from whom such requests come extraordinarily in lrage volumes or frequency; bettter block them.

2. Block App invites from friends
Uner Blocking tab,scroll down to block app invites. Type in the friends name from whom you get the app invites and press enter. Now those friends will not be able to provide you with the app invites.

3. Block notification from particular apps
You can also directly block that app from sending you invites, instead of blocking the user or app invites from friends.
It can also be done in the News feeds, when you get the notification for app invite. Click on the ‘X’ in addition to your invitation into the notification menu, after which you’ll see an option to produce off the notification from that app. Click ‘Turn off’ and you’re done.
Block apps

4. Perfect Solution
In the first case mentioned, where it all happened by trying out an app, you unknowingly had kept a setting ON, due to which you are getting all the request. If you really don’t use any FB apps or play games,you can just directly switch off the app platform for the account.

To do that, go to settings page and open apps settings. Open the first tab in app you use and turn off the platform.

App platform


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