19 Jul 2014

Fix "Windows not responding" problem

One of the most common problem in Windows that we are could see is the one which shows “windows explorer has stopped working”. This would be sometimes really frustrating and hang the whole system.

If there were any critical process that were running along with it, it can also go for a toss. There are numerous steps which you're able to take, to mitigate the issue.

Windows stopped working error

Cause of the issue
A few cases associated with reasons which could lead to this kind of issue is quite common and simple, though it might probably sound possibly stupid.
- Outdated security patches or unavailability of an antivirus
- System infected with virus or malwares.
- Oudated device drivers or software /games that are commonly known to produce to such problem.

Recommended steps
- Choose to update Windows and other important software whenever it is available
Windows Update settings
 - Run CheckDisk from time in order to ensure everything is ok (fortnight or monthly basis is ok)
Scan for error regularly
 - Install a good antivirus with Internet Security and Firewall and periodically scan your system.
- Install a good malware protector such as Malwarebytes.
- Use a  storage analyzer software to check biggest and unused files or software to get rid of them
- In Windows Explorer, disable the "Preview Pane" under "Layout option" of "View". You can also disable thumbnails from Options.
Run folder in separate process
 - Enable “Launch Folder Windows in an independent process" in Folder options. Open "Folder and Search Options", click on "View" and enable it
- Remove any 3rd party add-ons or unknown softwares, when you find from Add-remove programs
- Use "System Fle Checker" by  opening RUN option and typing "sfc /scannow" (without quotes).
- Review "Action Center" under control board settiings regularly for any issues.

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