29 Jul 2014

Hack Kardashian game (Android)

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game" is an addictive game, where you are introduced as a struggling actor initially. It is like a game based on real life, and as you advance more stages, you can have fan followers, buy homes, date your friends etc. Here I will provide you some tips, cheats and a simple hack for scores and energy.

Caution: This post is for educational purpose only. You only will be responsible for any action taken on your device, following the steps mentioned in this blog.

You can rise to the A-List very fast and save money doing so. There are lots of locations, hotel names, establishments etc that you will get confused.  You can refer below table for same.
Location reference table
Unlimited energy
If your phone is not rooted and do not want any hack, still you can get unlimited energy. Open the device settings and set the time forward by one or two hours.
When you open the game back, your energy will be refilled. This can be done until you want to keep it playing.

Now lets move forward for what you are here for.

Hacking energy, money and coins
Prerequisites:  Your device should be rooted and have Game Killer installed.

Step 1:  Open the GameKiller and then the game

Step 2: Identify the items to be hacked.
Items to be hacked
Step 3: Create separate search items in GameKiller for each items, so as not to confuse
Energy, Money, K Coins

Step 4: Search the value of energy in Gamekiller

Step 5: Search for value of money in the separate search item created for money

Step 6: Search value of K coins in the separate search item created

Step 7: Change the energy level by either changing the date settings (increase) or you can play the game to spend the energy. Then search for the new value again.

Change the value of the listed items by modifying all values, to a large value.

Step 8: After clicking ok, the game will reload. After some time, you will see that the energy level has increased.

Step 9: Search value of money in the search item

Change the value to a large value of your choice.

The game may reload again, and then you will notice that you are a millionaire already :)

Step 10: Search the value of K coins in the search item

Play some steps at the expense of some energy, which you have in plenty, to gain some coin(s).
Search for the new coin value.

Modify all values to a maximum value, and the game may reload. After reload, you will see the value changed.

You can play the game and enjoy. Now that you have unlimited of everything, you can play at will, buy home, mansions, date anytime, anywhere and enjoy the fan following :)

Oh you can also hack the count of fan followers after each event. I could somehow could not change the total fan following count, as it keeps refreshing. But then if you keep playing you will be on the top of the list soon. In a matter of 10 mins, i got to the top.

Enjoy the hack !! If you have any questions, please comment.


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