15 Jul 2014

Unlimited app in-purchase using Freedom tool

Even if a game comes for free, it doesn’t mean that it won’t cost you. Most of the games provide "goodies", which can be used to add/ enhance the game prospect (eg coins, credits, health etc). Google has released an in-app–buy (making a purchase from within the mobile program) alternative for its Android os working system, so users of those devices may use it whenever required. Hence this is one tool which is a savior for game lovers, when you are in need of assistance of some energy ups, coins or wellness without spending money.

Caution: This post is for instructional purpose only. You are responsible for any consequence which you bring on your phone.

Freedom is pretty much a money saver tool for Rooted people, by enabling in-app Purchases using a "Free Card" option at no cost.

Steps by step guide:
1. Download Freedom.apk (use Aptoide or Google to find the Apk)
2. Install it and for some versions/ regions, you have to switch your Automatic Time Zone OFF and after that replace it with Moscow.
3. Open the Freedom application and start it.
Freedom app
 4. Launch the apps through Freedom OR you can just launch the apps through your launcher with Freedom on.
5. Wait for some time until the game is loaded
6. Open to buy goodies, in app purchase mini window will open.
In the below example, we select to buy credits in Voxel Rush game.
Click to buy credits
 7. You'll see something like "Free Card XXX-XXX"
Freedom provides a "Free Card"
 8. Click buy and wait for confirmation
Buy confirmation

9. You will definitely start to see the buy done.
10. Notice the goodies being added. (in example, notice the crdit being increased from 11 to 311)
Credits added

It happens to be understood that a few of the users are experiencing problems with Google Play after using Freedom. So unless you are going to use it, keep Freedom in stopped setting. (Hit menu and then stop)

PRECAUTION: Be very very serious NOT TO CHANGE the first setting (Freecore). I tried once and my phone went kaput..had to restore from nandroid backup again
Freedom Settings
 If you have any queries, please comment


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