19 Jul 2014

Redesign any website using TOMODO

Have you ever wanted a chance to redesign Facebook, Twitter or Flickr page? Well guess what, you got it.
There is a webapp called Tomodo that allows you to redesign the interface of the website at your end.

You can create your own design or modify the existing ones and save them as mods. 
These modifications can be saved and also shared with other members, which in turn can download and use as well. This is like a theme or template where one can create or design and be reused again by others at their end.
Tomodo site with available Mods

The interface is really simple and easy to use, with some clicks. You can change the site’s CSS and Javascript as well, if you have the knowledge.  If you visit the site and you’ll find some awesome and unique redesigns of popular sites used by people all around the word.

The designs are called bascially called as mods and can be used by any registered user.
So if  you’re a web designer or developer, you can try a hand with your favorite sites.
They provide Javascript, CSS and WYSIWYG where you can see the preview of the original site and select details of specific elements.

Below is a simple and clean interface of Facebook created by a user.
Facebook mod by a user

Keep exploring..


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