2 Mar 2008

Changing the calling tones in Gtalk

This is one of the most interesting hacks in Gtalk which i recently did. You have nothing to do but use a software called "Resource hacker" to hack the googletalk.exe file you have installed in the system.
  1. Open googletalk.exe in Resource Hacker.
  2. Expand the WAVE tree.
  3. Open the last WAVE file 126 and then "0"
  4. Open Action> button and click on "Replace other resources"
  5. Open the file you want to replace the normal WAV file with.
  6. Click replace and close it
  7. Save it (make sure you haven't opened Gtalk in the system tray also)
You can also change the Bitmap files in Gtalk from the Bitmap folder seen in resource hacker. Try it out yourself. You can find other resources and hacks at http://www.customizetalk.com

Courtesy: Customizetalk.com


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