12 Mar 2008

Insomnia again!!

I tried hard not to be awake but in vain.Maybe its the thousand thoughts i have in mind about the near future or the remembrance of my school that kept me awake till this odd hour . Made many plans..or call it thoughts about the future. Life has not been hard on my part,yet i am wide awake as if i need a reason to be awake.Scratching my head over and over again, i thought it might be a good time to write my blogs. Thoughts came pouring in when i was in bed,but believe me when i began writing this blog....i have to think twice what it was all about. Maybe they were all just plans and dreams i had all these time!

I thought of saving money monthly and donate some of it to school as developmental funds.
Thought of taking loan and start looking for a nice home. Thought of those many people from whom i can borrow money to lend someone for his urgent needs. Thought of those savings certificate schemes and bonds which i can invest on. Maybe coz i am not much financially sound,i am making such stupid thoughts and plans about my future! Maybe thats what other people also do naturally ...an instinct for survival...or maybe for a good life. Eventually i realised that there are so many possibilities i can do in life. Lets see what time decide, whats best for me!


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