18 Jul 2010

Symantec Antivirus woes

Symantec might have done wonders in the field of Technology and has a big market in providing Antivirus softwares. But to my amazement,a flaw in the software Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) software has been discovered. An application would throw up an "I/O resource overlap" error whenever SEP was running. So what is a resource error?

Coming from the basic architecture of how a computer is made, there are many resources assigned to each devices, each processes and threads for having a particular service request to be carried out. An I/O resource is related to the read/ write resource related to disks. So basically the above issue happens when an application is already writing some data on disk, and antivirus make a request for that particular resource; the server being unable to process the requested resource throws up error.  We were puzzled on how to optimize the resource allocation and had many theories that thew up in the air.

Eventually when we were focusing on the exclusion list in the antivirus, we found that the application path was excluded as per recommendations. But it got scanned ,processed, and the same error came up. Later we come to a conclusion that due to the spaces in the path name, the excluded path got scanned. Isn't it ridiculous? Say the application path is "C:\Program Files\ABC"; the space between the 'Program' and 'Files' led to the issue. After addressing the space between then, we made sure that the application path is not scanned while the application is in use. This took care of the resource conflict.

We could not believe that we spent almost 4 months on trying to resolve the issue, involving technical experts and the resolution was such a stupid one..


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