6 Jun 2010

Solution to Autoplay issue in Windows 7

Windows 7 have changed the basic interface to a common user, thereby make it more simpler and easier to use. You dont have to be a techie to resolve any issue petaining to your 'dumb box". For example, when you have issues connecting to a network earlier in Windows XP; you may require to go to command prompt and flush the DNS cache, renew IP or reset the connection with the DOS commands. In Windows 7, you wont require to go through all the steps. All you need to do is click on "Troubleshoot problems" and a set of solutions will appear. Depending on your issue, you need to select an option and Viola! issue is resolved in minutes.

There are however,few things in Windows 7 which require a little tweak here and there. For example, the Quick launch butttons sometimes dissapear, and you need to brring it back through the tweaks (already posted earlier in my blog). One of the most common issue with Windows 7 I have seen is the inability to autoplay when a new device is inserted. This has happened many times with me, and i could not figure out a way through the control panel. Untill i found a solution in the registry.

All you need to do is make a change in the registry.
Follow the following steps

Step 1: Goto rrun and type regedit
Step 2: Click OK if there is a Access control feature is enabled
Step 3: Go to following path in registry editor
 HKEY_local_ machine\software\microsoft\windows\current version\policies\explorer\NoDriveTypeAutoRun
 Step 4: You will find the value as oxff in Hexadecimal
Step 5: Change the value to 145 in Decimal or ox91 in Hexadecimal
Step 6: Click OK and exit from registry editor
Step 7: You need to reboot the machine to make the change reflected

I find the help in Wiki very helpful. You can read it here

- Registry tweaks are subject to change the system settings.
- Take a backup of registried before making any change in registry for safe side
- Do the changes at your own risk


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