30 Oct 2008

New Version of Wndows, Windows 7 likely in 2010

Hark this... The software giant Microsoft, whose dominance is under threat, said Windows 7 will replace the disappointing Windows Vista in January 2010.

Microsoft said the new operating system was designed to function like a tighter version of Vista, which launched in 2006 but was widely derided as a “system hog” that slowed down computers with features that most users
never accessed.

Microsoft says it was learning its lessons from Vista, by making sure that Windows 7 would be fully compatible with all relevant devices and applications on launch. Windows 7 will also feature faster boot-up times, an updated task bar that includes previews of open windows, a new desktop look and a set of features optimized for laptops. The new operating system also makes it easier to coordinate and access files over networks and to automatically configure settings for different networks.

The new software will ditch some prominent features included in Vista including Calendar, Windows Mail, Movie Maker, Contacts and Photo Gallery, which will now be available for free from the Microsoft website.

Courtesy: Economic Times


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