3 Jan 2009

Recording Gtalk voice conversations

If someone ask me if it is possible to record and save the live voice stream of a chat partner on Gtalk. The answer is: yes, (and i came to know it recently). All you have to do is download Freebird's vEmotion with recorder, an excellent program to record an IM conversations. It is reporetd to be able to voice conversations on Msn, Skype, Gtalk, AIM .

Here is a screenshot image I have gotten from their website..

Install the program and start it up. In the user interface displayed in the above image, press down the last button on the toolbar to enable recording. Then start a voice conversation with your friends. The converation is recorded automatically. As you finish the converation, following window is displayed. It allows you to fill some infos for this new record.

In the above window, enter a topic for the new record, which will be displayed in the record list. And type anything you want to say about the conversation as "Comments". Also you can select more than one image to be stored together with the voice. One most exciting thisng is that by selecting a different audio frequency from the pull-down box which located directly beneath the text "Change Frequency", you can save the recorded voice with prefered frequency. After you are done with all of these, click the button "Save Record".

After the record is saved, one new item will be added into the
record list in the user interface. Switch to "Call Records" window by clicking the tab. In the call record list, the newly recorded lies there.

Enjoy then playing around eh!!

Courtesy: Freebird's vEmotion


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