2 Sep 2013

Commonly faced issues in Android

Based on my experience and research done over the years, listed below are few of the issues one faces sometime or other. The most common issue being, phone slow down/ lag, frequent hang etc.

1. Unable to delete a page from the home screen.
I had faced this issue some weeks back, and this is rather surprising !! You can add more and more pages on the home screen, but you might be unable to delete them. Deleting the pages will hang the launcher and phone. The solution is seemingly simple, though i still could not understand the reasoning behind.

You need to go to the Developer options and select the three options below to Animation scale 10x
- Window animation scale
- Transition animation scale
- Animator duration scale.

After the settings are done, you will notice that the animations / transitions are moving slowly. Now you need to go to the home page and delete the page you want, and bingo!! You can now change back the settings back to your choice.

2. Speed up your phone using scripts
This is a memory management fix for rooted phones. You will find the scripts and details here. All you need to do is download Script Manager app or SManager from Google play. Browse the scripts and run as script with root privileges. Select the desired OOM options ,take a reboot and you are ready.

Script Manager - SManager - screenshot

Image courtesy: http://lh6.ggpht.com

Image courtesy: XDA- developers

3. Sudden death syndrome in S3
This is a known issue with most of the S3 phones with 16GB handsets. If your phone has this issue then you’ll find that your S3 doesn’t switch on at all whatever you do. In fact, if you have an S3 you should check whether the phone is at risk with the eMMC Brickbug Check app or not. If you are still covered under warranty ,go to Samsung Support and get it  fixed or get a replacement .
Below steps are not permanent solutions, but temporary one..

1. download "dummy file generator" from Google play store
2. Open the app and go to "internal memory" tab
3. select "generate FULL" generate dummy files until storage is full
4. your phone will hang and freeze a couple of times. (pull out the batt again)
7. keep on doing this until your memory is full
8. then select "delete" delete all dummy files.
9. then thats it

Basically the app will fill the internal memory with dummy files, and the system will try to recover itself. 

3. Speed up your mobile (basic)
By tweaking the below settings under "Developer options", you can actually speed up the mobile

You need to go to the Developer options and select the three options below to Animation scale 0x
- Window animation scale
- Transition animation scale

- Animator duration scale.

4. Restore"Developer options" on Android devices (4.2X)
For whatever reason, Google decided to hide the Developer Options item in the latest Android releases. However it can be easily restored (do not mistake it as rooting).
  • First, open the Settings app and scroll down to the bottom. Once you get there, tap About Phone.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, until you see the Build Number entry. Tap the Build Number a total of seven times. You'll see friendly developer messages starting with the fourth tap. After the seventh, you'll see a message congratulating you for unlocking Developer Options.

Next time, you visit the settings, you will definitely see the Developer options there.


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