3 Jan 2008

A new dawn of 2008

The plot:
I have been quite away from Blogs for some time now. I did not feel like writing so kept postponing it. I had many plans for the New Year party bash. One among them was going to United Services Club (US Club ) in Mumbai with my friend whose dad is in Navy in high post (Comodore if i rem right!) . Well i screwed it up when i come to know that there is cover charge for civilians and scrapped the very idea. I did not have access to any bikes practically and so i knew it would be like a boring one at hostel until my friend came up with a plan of the whole class going to a private farmhouse in Mulshi Dam in Pune. It was also cheap (Rs 500 per head) with dinner, breakfast, snacks etc plus transportation to and fro (amazing isnt it?) and drinks were on our own. So me and my friend took it up and went with them on a bus.

The party:
The site was some 45Kms away from the hostel and we had so much fun playing antakshri on the bus. We lost the way while going as there were many "one pathways" diverging at each point. We finally crashed at the site with much trouble and pain in the neck... but it was worth it..We had so much fun there as it was a hillock beside a Dam site. There were no sight of human life for radius of Kms and we were at our own. It was indeed the best party we ever had in our lives. Music was playing on in the background, people were dancing and drinking... some cracking jokes...made some new friends etc.. there was camp fire going on to keep us warm..small tent house to lie down and make ourselves comfortable...even the path to the washroom seemed a stairway to heaven among the scenic background...so we had so much fun in the ecstatic new environment...We burned crackers and fireworks at midnight and wished each other a very happy new year.. i slept though lately and woke up early in the morning to catch up with other guys.

The thoughts:
The first thing that came to my mind early morning was- if it really was a new year ahead of me or another same old day!! To find that out i have to just linger on with my thoughts and play along the rhythm of life. The place was one factor that made me think of other near and dear ones whom i could not wish on the day because of no network coverage. It was something like marooned in a lonely island for time being..no contact with the outside world..and freaking out at our own disposal. The scenic beauty, the chilly breeze, the mesmerizing dawn..all seemed so perfect in everyones imperfect lives that it seemed like a dream which was once seen but forgotten of. Life seemed like a mirage before my own eyes... wavering along the waves of thoughts. As i lie down the low lying wall of the tent house i saw the moon among clear blue sky..waiting to fade away from the daylight.. and as i turned sideways i saw the nearby hills with a road that got lost among the bushes....hidden by the dried grasses was a hazy path leading to the lake down below.. we walked across the hazy path and tried not to get lost...there were many "the road not taken" paths leading different directions and we unlike Robert Frost, took the path that was already trodden and grasses shaven by foot walks.. the bamboo tress were conspiring against us...yet we walked along until we reached the foothills and found a small stream of river with amazing beauty..

The road less traveled by.....
Happy New Year to one and all...


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