6 Jan 2008

The value of a Rupee

If you drop a one rupee coin in a begging bowl in beggar in New Delhi, he will throw it back to you. He won't accept till you give ten rupees. This is the value of today's rupee. Nothing comes in a rupee in todays date except for Kisme toffee, or some local chocolate flavored sweets. But to me, i will never forget the value of a rupee. I have been extravagant throughout my life.. spending for good things of course and not looking into the wallet first or thinking of saving for the rest of the month. If i want something means i have to get it,no matter if i have to spend the rest of the month begging or stay hungry. But it was a day in my life that made me face the real world and make me realize the true value of a rupee.

I was staying with a junior cum brother in Pune at Chaturshringi one room flat during my year down in engineering days. We were also doing a course on ethical Hacking in a nearby place - Senapati Bapat road. We used to buy groceries, rice, books etc from the monthly money we got from home. It was this particular day that both of us ran out of money and practically we did not have even a single rupee to call someone to ask help from. The mobile balance was already gone and we were hoping for a miracle to happen and save us from hunger. We were already starving since morning and we got fed up of the hunger and went in search of some help. My junior went to ask help from his frens in a nearby college and they were in similar condition. All he could get was a one rupee coin. He had gone berserk thinking whom to call for money and asked me to try.
Can you imagine ...i thought so hard whom to call for help with that single one rupee coin!! Because if my fren whom i would be calling says that he doesn't have money we would be back to square one! So after thinking hard , ransacking my mind all over i called my best fren who stayed some 15 kms from my place for help. He said he has 500 rs but its not his and have to give to someone. I told him he was my last resort as it was the single very coin which we have invested in asking help and so i persuaded him that i will return him the money in 10 days time. He said ok and it was a huge relief.

I told him to wait at the gate as we dont have money for the auto and we hired an auto. He was waiting there, we took the money and returned in the same auto. We paid the auto driver and with the remaining money we bought rice, vegetables and other necessary items to quench our long awaited hunger. Till today, i remember of that incident and i realize how hard it must be on other people who hardly earns and yet have to support their family. I realized from that moment that i wont look down on people ( though i did not before also) and cherish what i have with me in life. I thanked God for giving me so much and making me realize the true value of a rupee.


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