2 Feb 2008

Food based religious sentiments!!

Though Pune is known to be one of the largest exporter of pork in India(read it somewhere), i failed to understand why there were few restaurants which provided pork dishes! I am not against any religion or community as such but a thought just came into my mind. In a restaurant in Pune, no pork dishes are not mentioned in the menu card,though it was available. When i asked the waiter, he replied that it would hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims.

There are hardly one or two places where pork dishes are found whereas there must be some hundreds of hotels that provide beef. Would that be a fair part on hindus then, to include beef dishes on the menu? There is no law as such that such things could be or could not be mentioned in menu,its just a noble gesture of the restaurant owner for the customers not to feel offended.

In the same restaurant, they have beef dishes on the menu (if i remember right!)..so what does that have to do then? My whole point is that maybe hindu people generally don't take it too seriously when it comes to religion (except for some) whereas muslims in general, have a strict code of conduct and religious in nature. And maybe thats why people in general don't find it hard to put up a beef in the menu whereas they don't put pork in the menu! Well,that maybe my observation or my point of view which need not be taken as the truth as such. Take it as just one more comment of another person.

Disclaimer: I seriously dont have any problem or grudge with any religion. All are equal in my eyes.


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