31 May 2009

Rules of surviving in Mumbai

Life is not hard everywhere, all it takes is just some time to adjust to the changes.
The more faster you adjust to it, the better for you.

In Mumbai, it doesn't matter where you stay.. everywhere is far and everywhere is near. It depends on your perception. A place staying 5 kms away might take the same 1 hour to reach as some places 100 kms away, depending on the way of convenience. All you have to decide is how you travel to that place. Now that my office is going to be shifted i a month or so, i am rethinking of my options available. If i stay in this current place, i will have to face the traffic, which i have not been abel to adjust yet. And if shift to a new place, i will have to cash out more money on the rent and try to adjust to the changes all over again fom zero.

The rule is that..no matter where you stay, make sure that there are maximum availibility of conveyances possible..train, auto, bus... Train is the lifeline of Mumbai and transort almost 35% of the population everyday from one place to another. So i am still open to my options... i will have to first see if i amopen to accepting the changes ..either in place or traffic! Some people spend some 35-40% of their daily time in just travelling.

I am fortunate that it wont be that much for me, hope so! Keeping the option is the only option i am left with ,it seems. So see ya guys.. will let you know soon


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