2 Aug 2009

Why Mumbai is a place for everyone!

Besides few reasons why i hate Mumbai, there are millions of reason why i like Mumbai.
One of the most important reason is that people here are CIVILIZED. If the definition of civilized people differs from yours, you better redefine yours. One best example would be one which was told to me by my friend in Bangalore. His friend got a call on his number one night and the caller said that his other friend is drunk and lying on the roadside.. and gave the proper address so that he can take him home. When his friends ask him who he was, he said he is a thief and taking away his mobile and wallet. Dont take me wrong, there is a thief in everyone of us. But this thief was polite enough to let his friend know that his friend needs help, besides helping himself with the money and mobile.

People follow rules here. If you see a board which says Queue, people form a queue. People stop at traffic lights, even when there is no vehicles from the opposite end. People know their rights and stand up to fight for the same, they stop by to ask if we are lost when we are...the auto walas will take us to anywhere in Mumbai taking the Best possible route and not try to cheat... Impressive enough!!


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