21 Jun 2009

Drizzle of memories

When i first set out for a shopping mall just for a change to the boring sunday afternoon, little did i realize how wonderful the evening was going to be! When we set out from from, a Nokia guy called me up for N97 demo, so i asked him to reach at the mall itself.. There was mist in the air and a slight drizzle happening..as we drove to the mall. When we reached the mall (R City), there was not much rush as it usually does on sundays. There was buy one get one free offer, and as i came to look for a formal shoe, i began looking for a sports shoe and bought it..along with it came the formal shoe for free. Then we explored the mall a bit and at the time of coming out, there was slight drizzle again. As it was not time for the monsoon and i knew it would not rain harder, we just drove the bike and reached the Levis showroom where we tried out some jeans. We both one each and one undergarment boz was free with it (i wonder which one is more costly )

As the alteration of the pant would take half an hour, we made our way to the nearby Chinese restaurant and helped ourselves with two plates of Chicken steam Momo (10 pieces in one plate) and then ordered a Momo soup and then finally a Pork ribs with burnt chilly sauce. We had a great time exploring in the rain, i guess. We came home a bit drenched and after a hot water bath..here i am as fresh as the desert rose after the first shower. I wish such sundays come every weekend...ok maybe every fortnight... oh ok maybe once in a month. Maybe.. there will be such more sundays this weekend but before the Monsoon. Lets hope the monsoon this time does not spoil the mood


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