21 Jun 2009

Colors of life

Bogged down with my usual work life, harnessing all vital essential proteins and energy from within, i dwell in the burning lights of daylight at office. In order to be capable of having a good future for me and my family, i glare at the monitor for hours..as if all answers lie within the corners of the monitor! With a new office setup in a nearby place yesterday, everybody got a new place in a stranger place. Come to think of it, my organization will scrap all other branches after having found this new office of our own..with some 800+ employees in one floor , 4 levels of parking space, and some 9 floors in total for all employees. I took a quite corner near the glass screens, with a beautiful view of the train station and the civilization outside,i am quite happy about it. I was quite busy making hard cash out of the dummy box.

Far away from the civilization, some people are sweating out in the heaps of mud, reaching out to those villagers who havent seen the outside world. Dripping in the thick rain, taking shelter in a shag and warming themselves up with burning logs at night, with thick mosquitoes on the run. No electricity, no safe drinking water, no built roads, no sign of civilization till thousands of miles...what a life it must be! Yet people are happy being there....being their hometown, at least they have something to hold on to! Our guys are enjoying their time reaching out to the poorest of the poor families ..to support some children for education, as a part of a voluntary and no-for-profit organization of ours. What a contrasting life, isnt it?

Some people are just worried about the money they make from the dummy box. Somewhere people are worried that rains will ruin whatever they have for their survival. What a difference in thought, what s difference in perspective, what a difference in LIFE!! I begin to ponder, what it must be life at the other end...which we cannot even think of..as long as we are a part of the civilization?


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