5 Jun 2009

Let me the one you know, not what i wish for!!

The moment i wrote two posts on investing in a home in Mumbai, many people have been making faces at me, staring me with those microscopic and rudimentary eyes as if i have evolved just now! People make sneers and talk about me in the back..."hes going to buy a house in Mumbai".. and people would somehow react in a casual manner in the professional field. Though this thought is quite customary, i wish to rephrase my words again.. i said, i am thinking about it. I dint say i am buying a home. Well i guess that's the true value of land here in Mumbai.. like people making their mark in the New World after Columbus discovered America!

Like the saying in an old hindi film (translated), which goes like this... land sells at the price of gold, gold sells at the price of mud (land).  (बिकता है मिटटी सोने की बोल, बिकता है सोने मिटटी के बोल )True to its worth, land rates today have risen to such a height that if i decide to buy a few months later, i would have to shell out more money for the same land. In the end, let me take the honor to be known as the poor old guy, who would keep begging for money each month from everyone..rather than raise a false alarm with the very thought of buying a home.


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