7 Jun 2009

Need a break

I know what i have been missing these days recently. I was running behind others in the same rat race, watching others back and running towards the finish line. Now i know, i wish to take a break away from the race and have some time for myself.. some time far away from the glare of the computer screen and the blink of the cursor as if time is running out for me.

I wish to take a break, far away from the blinks and glares of the computer. But i guess i will manage for some days without the computer, maybe i guess...but maybe not for long. Like a glutton who keep yearning for food, i guess, i too have become one of that king ! For some time, i will be out of the race and try to look life from a different perspective...without any inferences and strings attached. I would like to travel a lot, but could not get time off from the office work.

Recently i have been googling and recycling news on the web for hangouts and places to travel. Event the thought of traveling makes me fresh..as i scroll down the middle button of the mouse to reveal the greeneries and beauty of new places which i had thought of. As decided earlier when i started to work, i have already prepared a list to travel each year..bit by bit. Now i guess i have changed the rule a bit... i will be taking at least 4-5 days off every 3 or 4 months and cover the places in the list instead of once every year.. howzzat!!

The list goes like this (tentatively and not in order of travel)
1) Lakshwadeep
2) Andamans
3) Pondicherry
4) Himachal/Shimlaa/ Dharamsala
5) Manali/Kullu
6) Goa (maybe for the 6th time now)
7) Kanyakumari
8) Alleppey/Munnar (Kerala)
9) Srinagar/ J&K
10) Ladakh/ Leh
11) Tibet/ Lasha

This is the tentative list as of now..the list will go on adding as suggestions keep pouring..
Hope my post next month will feature a travellogue of one of the places mentioned above, you can bet on it for sure..


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