8 Jun 2009

Redefining thought process

So many things in mind..so many thoughts to implement...so many memories to make...in such a short and fragile manner!! I have had my last thoughts on some investment plans...which eventually gave a new twist when my frens asked me to reconsider the amount i am going to invest since it may affect my growth and career..with quotes like...riches do not come in a day...i am bound to think of it..until my colleague siting just opposite to me broke down his experience to me saying he had invested in some small co. and after 6 months the co was no more there.

I am still reconsidering the favor i am going to do to the company i was planning to invest in.I am rather worried about the reaps rather than the initial hard work and homework i needed to do. If he yield is going to be ripe and successful, i guess i dont have issue with catering to the amount which i had fixed earlier. Keeping my options open, i would be talking to other investors of the company and find out what their experience has been all these months/years now! Hope they will consider my request ..not to bounce my cheques at least for the stipulated amount of time thehy have promised. Lets find it out soon. Read my next post when i finnaly decide to invest and what hardhsip i had to face in it! I guess that will be a part of lifes experience.


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