21 Jun 2009

Sleepless in Mumbai

Like anyone else would do and think of, i am not an exception to that! I have spent some 3 or 4 sleepless nights recently..thinking and rethinking ...searching for the perfect solution to all my woes. Like anyone else would be worried about a home, salary, a good life.. i am too worried about the same. Not that what i am getting is well enough for me, but being a human i yearn for more and more. Like everyone else, i like the best for myself and my family. There were many thought of few proposals in mind..and i was just thinking on how to go about it!!

A latest addition to my woe was buying a home in Mumbai. Many people have their own say to it. After looking at my boss and colleague, who are spending almost half of their salary in home loan EMIs, i begin to fear the every word of home loans! And maybe thats why i am scared to sleep over the matter. I would say that ...its been more than a week now and i am not able to come up with a best solution,. Coz the way i think, i overthing the next moment and say..hey if i invest a little more money in it i get a better deal!! And the same greed makes me sleepless in Mumbai ( city of dreams, as it is rightly called)

Whatever be the plan, what i have decided for now is to invest what i have in hand as cash and not take a loan as of now. If i run out of money, i will have to eventually take loan, but i will try to cash in as much as possible. Hope i will be able to stick to my thoughts and not spend one more night sleepless. God!! I hate it....


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