7 Dec 2009

Life needs a change!

I have been in my blues, not 'coz someone said shit about my performance but because of the shit package i have been beginning to develop to worry about. Initially, maybe because there was less liabilities, it went fine for me. But with each passing day, i do realize that i do not make half the money my credit card bills me! Am i supposed to ward the credit cards off and stay aloof in my apartment watching some fabulous places like Dubai or States; or earn enough to bear the costs?
I do believe that while the former seems rational with the existing condition i am in, it wont run long way as a solution. So now i am looking for a change in my career, for growth - yes, definitely maybe for more credit cards to fill in the pockets !

Inability to sustain in life could not be more frustrating! I needed some change. So finally, this sunday i decided, if not my life.. at least my lifestyle.

Finally i revamped the looks of my farm at Farmville in Facebook.
Well i guess, i got some satisfaction for some time.


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