30 May 2010

Insert image instead of sending as attachment in Gmail

Once again, Google has proved its user friendliness in its product. Many of us might have wondered how images are inserted inline with text in Mails, instead of sending them as attachment. Until the Google Labs thing started, i used a simple trick to get the images embedded right into the mail. Let me describe it in steps..

Step 1: Ensure you have Picassa installed on your PC
Step 2: Right click on the image and click "Upload to Web album" (you may require to Sign in)
Step 3: Once uploaded into Picassa web folder name " Drop in", a new link to the Picassa folder will open in the browser
Step 4: Copy the image using mouse, as in you copy the whole text.
Step 5: Paste the image into the mail where you were composing.
Viola!! Your image is inserted right into the mail

Now that Google labs has enabled a plugin where in you can directly do the same from Gmail
You can do so as below

Step 1: Login to your GMail account.
Step 2:  Go to “settings”
Step 3:  Go to “labs”
Step 4: Search for “Inserting Images” and enable it.
Step 5: Drag and drop an image into the compose area...
(Uploading of image will take time, according to the image size)



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