26 Jan 2010

File handling in Windows: TeraCopy Vs ExtremeCopy

I just came up with this new software called Extreme Copy, which supposedly handles file copying/ moving much faster than TeraCopy. I downloaded the Freeware and tested it limits. It has a slider option on the top left corner to change the speed of the file handling process bit seriously , i did not notice any change in the process.

Then i tested TeraCopy, which i have been quite familiar for many years now. I found that the speed of file reading were almost the same, and it hardly matters. In fact i would add that TeraCopy can be used to even delete/ test/ copy/ move files in Windows. It has better interface with more options and customized preferences than this dumb software Extreme Copy. 100% votes for TerCopy against ExtremeCopy, unless you want a simplified version of file handling software.


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