9 Jan 2010

Windows 8 in the making!!!

How many people on this earth do you think might have upgraded their OS to Windows 7?
Very few, i suppose. Microsoft on the other hand is working on a newer version of Windows Operating System called Windows 8, can you believe it?

Its reported to be based on the interactive design by User interface designer Cullen Dudas.
Here are a few of the features reported to have been known to be added so far

* 128-bit compatibility to be possibly in Windows 8
Date of Discovery: October 2, 2009
Source: LinkedIn profile of a Microsoft employee
Link to corresponding post on W8C

* 8 to be possibly released in 2012
Date of Discovery: August 2009
Source: Italian Windows Server Presentation
Link to corresponding post on W8C

* Possible Windows 8 features (Distributed File System Replication and improvements to BranchCache) and the fact that its development has already begun
Date of Discovery: April 2009
Source: Job application posted by Microsoft
Link to corresponding post on W8C

Heres a video on the same

Courtesy: Windows8center


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