26 Jan 2010

Windows 7 : Boon or disaster

When i used Windows 7 for the first time, about two months ago, i was pretty excited with all the new cool features and utilities. Down the line, i found it to be a resource chocking OS with CPU utilization touching 100% all the time. Until yesterday everything was working fine and then suddenly all the applications seems to be in hung state. When i checked the processes in task manager, i found so many application threads in queue mode, waiting to be served! I tried troubleshooting on my own as i was not able to use any application (including browser). The help offered by Windows are nice and user friendly, but i guess it needs more advanced options to be included as there was nothing which i can see what changes have been done to the system to improve the performance. Even after running the performance diagnostics tool and other things, i was still caught up with the hung state in the system. I had to uninstall some applications which were not used frequently, deactivate some services and so on , but there was no sign of improvement.

I finally took the pain to search on internet to resolve the issue, and came across this site but Computing Unleashed. I found it an amazing resource and did all what was told in the site. Now the CPU utilization has gone down to 30-40% at the most. I am very happy now. I do not understand why Microsoft has activated all those features that has bogged down the system! The features do look cool, and i have been using it for months now. I raised the performance issue to Microsoft development team once when a guy from the Win 7 development team had come to our office for the demo thing. He just asked me to do a defragmentation of the drives, and mail him in case of any problems. I did defrag the drives but in vain. The defag tool was also user friendly but not powerful tool. I used a third party tool for defragmentation and worked fine, still it would not resolve the performance issue.

If you are also a victim of the performance issue in Windows 7, please follow the above link.
I am not sure of the intentions of the Microsoft team. Imagine having such problems even when i have got 4 GB RAM, you kidding me?


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