26 Jan 2010

Tuneup 2010 : Personal review

Windows XP (R)  has been known to be the most stable home-use based OS, Microsoft has ever produced. I had used Tuneup in Windows XP but with the upgrading of OS to Win 7, i was unaware of the compatibility issues. Since my VMware had been eating my all resources, i finally uninstalled it and downloaded the new Tuneup 2010 version. Its awesome!!!! They have made so many improvements in the new version. I could not imagine how they could indulge deeply into the functions of the applications and suggest application specific recommendations.

Some of the features that were added as follows:
- Turbo mode (new)
This tool disable unneeded processes and concentrate all the PC processing power on your active program!

- Live optimization (new)
This tool accelerate the startup and response times of your programs - for optimal PC performance!

- Increase performance
This tool can increase the system performance by removing unwanted files, registry etc.

- Customize Windows
This tool can customize the way Windows looks, right from the appearances, styles, themes, logon screens and startup screens

- Fix problems
This tool can scan the system for any problems related to hardware, applications, drivers or registry and recommend changes if required to enhance the system performance and integrity

Some of the recommendations i received while running the scan were
- To install advertising filter, namely ADDBLOCK in Firefox (see attached snapshot)
- To customize the speed settings for higher speed
- The NIC card settings can be enhanced further for better speed etc

One of the nicest feature was the LIVE  optimization of system, just like an antivirus scanner that would scan the data packets in the system.And a small summary snapshot can be seen as an icon on the lower right task-bar. As you can see in attached image below, some of the services have been optimized to improve system performance in my system.

I made a customized logon screen using my last trip to Dharamsala, and my frens are quite impressed with it.. of course the looks and not of my foto :)
The registry cleaner has been improved with not only detection of stray registry entries but recommendations on what can be removed and its aftermath if removed, what applications will be affected and what are the effects etc. It was an awesome experience. Try your luck on it, i guarantee you a good time and satisfaction on the results


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