22 Aug 2014

Few time saving Excel tips and tricks

Everyone wants data at the snap of the finger. Even a small mistake can take one to spend hours for resolution. I am listing down a few tips that will save lot of time.

1) Change unformatted dates like 20090808 to readable format.
This is a small trick to quickly convert unformatted dates in Exel.

Steps to do
1. Selct the column of data you wish to change. Go to Data > Text to column

2. Select Delimted, and click next twice to reach to third stage

3. Select Date option and choose YMD or YDM as per the data you have.
4. Lets select YMD and choose a different destination cell and click Finish

5. You will see the date formatted in new destination cell

2. Return back to where you left from.
Say, you were working on a set of cells, which you have selected and then scrolled away to some other sheet or place. To get back to the selected cells very quickly, all you have to do is press Ctrl+Backspace

3. Inputing multiple lines of text in  Excel
Inorder to have multiple lines of text in Excel, all you need to do is press Ctrl+Enter and start writing away on the next new line

4.Quickly skip through your worksheets using shortcut keys
To move one worksheet to the right press CTRL+PAGE DOWN
To move one worksheet to the left press

5. Display Formulas Instead of Results
You can use a single keystroke to view formulas instead of results. Just press Ctrl + '

6. Adding a drop list
There are two ways to do that. I will mention both options here

Option A
Step 1:  Data validation
Go to Data tab and click Data validation

Step 2: Under Settings, select List
Step 3: Select the cels to be included in the list in the Source
After selecting the cells to be listed, you are done.

Option B
The other option is to type in directly. You need to follow the first two steps in option A.
And in the Source, just type the text you want to be listed e.g Option1, Option2, Option3 separated by commas.


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