30 Aug 2014

Create a custom list to sort data

It has been quite some time i have written a post. If you like to sort information differently as per your choice, and not in the classic fashion of ascending or descending sort order in Microsoft ® Excel ®, you can easily customize it. Lets get to it directly.

Use Microsoft ® Excel ® to: 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Step 1: Lets take the below example . Highlight the range C3:C5, as follows:
 Step 2: Select the file , and then Select Advanced , and then Edit Custom llist as follows.

Step 3: And then import the list by clicking import and OK .

Step 4: Import items from the range C3:C5 in the spreadsheet, you can also type a custom list by entering a subject list and click Add.After click the import are listed as follows:

Step 5: Click OK twice to sort by a custom list. Click on the Data tab , and then arrange .

Step 6: Select the name of the category and the custom list is as follows:

Step 7: And then select the custom lists that show Priority and then click OK. .

Have fun..


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