11 Mar 2009

Indian Mentality

Indians are everywhere. Yet they will remain as Indians, wherever they go. Here are some of the things that Indians think and do...

1) Men expects their wife to be a virgin at the time of marriage.
Isn't it a contrary, coz when God made men and women, He made sure that each one seduces another! A man, it is said, dreams of his girlfriend in bed. Yet Indians want their wife, to whom he marries to be a virgin.

2) Even before one buys a thing, he is concerned about the resale value.
Be it a scooter or a car, a flat or a computer; when one buys a product he calculates the resale value of the product 4/5 years down the line. People used to buy Bajaj Chetak instead of motorcycles because Chetak was seling like hot buns.

3) There is no thought of giveaway. Even though his things might rot in the cellar, we will sell it at a lower price or throw it away in a dustbin.
People in the West, whenever they move homes either giveaway their things which would o onger be needed or sell it at a low price sale. They are not concerned about how much he will earn back from the resale, he is concerned about the problems in transporting them. In India, you will find few people who donate or give away things like that. Even if one donates things, he will make it big, to let others know about it - kind show off.

4) They ensure that they get maximum of anything
Any customer would want to get the maximum benefit of his money. However Indians are one more step ahead, they bargain for the lowest price for the best product also.

5) If there is a FREE tag, they are reluctant to buy that thing than another without the tag
The word FREE or Discounts attracts Indian customers to maximum. Indians wait for a particular time/season to come to buy things at Discounted price rather than buy it when the product is hot. This however is changing with time, but still the mentality remains.

6) There is no idea of pooling. Most of them are willing to show it off that he owns it rather than share.
Indians like to show off of what he posses, be it a mobile, a laptop, car or anything. People like to leave an impression when they pass by. Just for the sake of the show off, people buy things.

7) Indians compare all the time
We people like to compare things all the time. His son is this and that, he has a benz, i have this and that etc. Apart rom comparisons, people just like to brag.

8) Jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai?
This is a very common word in India. People like to bring our the commons, their relationship or connections with high raking people in the society to feel the importance in the society.

9) Going by the looks
A majority of the Indians are uneducated, and do not possess the knowledge to decide. Most of them go by the looks of the other person. A person if dressed in his best dresses will be entertained, though he may be a crak in the head and broke. None likes a person who would come in dull coloured clothes and do not mingle. even though he may be someone in the society.

10) The costliest product ought to be the best
This is the most common thought of an Indian. No matter if the price tag falls in his range or not, he will try to get it.

Note: The comments made above does not apply to any particluar person and made in general.


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