10 Mar 2009

Time - another season in life

When was the last time you enthusiastically waited to break your piggy bank to spend it on colours and new dresses for holi? When was the last time I waited for it to come? I guess its been more than 10 years now since i have celebrated holi at home. There was something in the air, you just come to know that its around the corner....children buying chunnis and new dresses for the festival, parents smiling, everyone seeming so colourful and the bazaars vibrant in different colours.

But i do not have the same enthusiasm left as it was years ago. I just know what is coming up and then i guess it just get me time for myself. Be it any festival, i have no enthusiasm left for anything...maybe coz its not the time to receive but give away things in life. Life indeed can be strange at times. I could not believe to remember those days where i used to fret and cry over buying a dress of my choice, a new toy to play with, a new bit of this and a new bit of that.
Maybe festivals are for the younger ones to celebrate and the elders to give away. And now that i am getting older day by day, i begin to realize that i am at the giving end and not receiving end now.

Festivals- like another season in life comes and go. You can tell a season from the change around you, the people, the places, the trees, a sniff of the changing wind....ah life can be so dramatic! Seasons change, so does time and people around. I hope people do remember those moments of changes and not just change for the sake of it. The transformation is in fact the interesting part, only if you get time to reminisce it! For some people who do not have time to celebrate this transformation, maybe either remembering them or not finding time to do either of them. I guess i am glad to be at that stage where i can distinguish if i am enthusiastic to celebrate or busy remembering the past, rather than not getting time to do either.

I guess i am not making sense. But i know that someday when i read this very blog, i will remember this day. Just like another season that comes, i will remember this time, this moment, a always.


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