15 Mar 2009

Life can be like that!!

Its been days since i have been sleeping too well; well enough to forget what i dream in the short night. But a day or two before, i am not able to dream at all nor forget what what i was thinking the whole night. Life can be so different, i never had thought about it.

Back there in my hometown, there is still curfew after 6 PM till 6AM in the morning; the daily bread earners are working hard to feed their family, and I, here in my bed in Mumbai... sleepless.. thinking of the work i have in hand! The poor people back there at home are dying to earn for the day to feed their family, and I, here, am looking a way to squander away my earnings on material possessions.... I would not brag about it, but I also thought on converting my credit card biils on EMI for pay -off!! I mean, WTF !!!! Am i being selfish to think about myself...my money...my possessions....my this and that??

Should i be proud of what i possess and what i intend to buy in the coming months/years? Am i a rat too, in this so called rat race? Trying to compare myself..with what i have.. how much i earn...how happy i am... how contented i am with my work etc. with other people around me and being jealous or proud, whatever humans call it!! I suddenly realized that i am like one of those millions who like to be happy, but at the cost of what? I mean, i am wasting my time worrying about things which will fade away with time...and which are yet to come with time.

Life in fact can be like that!! Its so strange; sometimes i feel like i am just like one of those puppets and sometimes..... i feel so alive. Drifted and torn apart between thoughts and choices in life. I am, in the end, happier remembering the prose by Dr Christian Barnard, "In celebration of being alive"; where he had mentioned about life, sufferings, happiness.... Eventually I am happy to feel alive; seems like i have woken up from a deep sleep. I am happy to realize that today is Sunday and have to make the best of it coz i have office from tomorrow. So lets thow up our worries and rather enjoy the time of life we have at the moment. Lets celebrate for coming back to Life again.


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