23 Nov 2008

Honeymoon period over

The first 3/4 months of work in my new workplace is what my Boss refer to as Honeymoon period, where I like a newly wed Groom have to just sit and watch and learn what was going on around me. In those 3/4 months, I have indeed learnt so many things which the bookish knowledge i had surpassed fluently word by word was of no use. I had committed so many mistakes which was affordable to the organization, but i am happy that i am able to learn from the mistakes rather than just sulk about it. My boss like any other good superior would pass down the value addition he had in all these years in terms of experience and profession, and making it rather simple for me to understand.

Now that its been more than 6 months, with more mistakes  and many blood boiling moments...as everyone do,i am also learning to bear the blow of life bit by bit. Last time i realised honeymoon period is over was when i was dressed down by Boss for my mistakes committed and asked me the man hours i put in my work. A man should hit one at his weakness as someone said. At the moment, my job is my livelihood, my weakness and thats where he hit me. From that moment, I worked more harder and tried to show the work i have been puttind my daily sweat. There was no shortcut in success, i knew, but i realised that i had to work smartly rather than slog like others. I knew i was different from others, my basic disadvantage was the domain in which i was working - which was new to me. So with some thoughts, i kept working but also kept in mind my livelihood, with serious thingking on the work.

Its more than 3 months now post honeymoon period, yet i am dragging along.. with each passing day, i get to learn new things in my domain. The disadvantage was that i did not get to do any ground work myself but have to handover to Vendors which were there to work for the Bank. Now that the honeymoon period is over, less time is left to write blogs and more time to think of investments and savings. Thanks for reading, keep reading..


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