30 Nov 2008

Nothing much to write..

I think i am running out of words at the moment. If you are wondering why i am writing this post, then let me tell you that there are times when you want to yell out, speak out.. with no reason or without any direction. Sometimes i remember those whimsical moments spent in younger days, which when set upon mind to do a thing or get a thing - i set my foot forward to get it without knowing the consequences.

Today looking at those memories... some sweet, some frightening, some funny and some emotional... makes me feel complete as what i am. There can be two things then - i am too busy with my life or i am being whimsical again! There were many times when i feel like writing and yet did not find the resource .. internet, time, mood etc and yet there are times when the resources are abundant but not in mood to write...or run out of words.. Maybe this is one of the later.

Nowadays, i think in numbers and value rather than the price. Maybe i am being materialistic, maybe i am being realistic, or maybe i am understanding the economics of life.. whatever it is, i am sure that i am benefiting out of it..Life isn't the same it was years back. Today we talk in lacs, be it value or price.

It seems that the cost of living has increased but cost of life is nothing!

My due regards to those heroes, who have laid down their lives in saving others.
My prayers and wishes to those who have survived and yet have to live with the trauma of being a part of the Mumbai attacks. Our heroes have not given their lives for nothing, but with a dream, a hope of a better India.


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