16 Nov 2008

My Wish-list

Like many others i have a few wish list of my own,but unlike others i am crazy about latest gadgets. Some of the things i dream to own are as given below:

1) iPod touch/ iPhone
2) DSLR with at least 12 MP and 3" LCD Screen and Zoom lens (lately Nikon 300, Canon EOS series or Sony Alpha)
3) Home theater system (should suffice music system also)
4) Large screen LCD TV that would cover the walls
5) A fast Hi end computer with a fast Internet broadband connected (should take care of free VOIP calls anywhere on earth)

And the list will go on as gadgets emerge. As of now, i am planning to own iPod touch (32 GB) by December first week. And DSLR coming up by January/ February. Keep reading to be updated on its reviews too.

And some of the things i would like to do are..
1) Travel the world (maybe ill sign up with Club Mahindra for holidaying each year)
2) Go on a shooting spree (after i get my DSLR, for now my Digital camera DSC H3)
3) Own a home in Mumbai (maybe in some months or years time)
4) White water rafting, trekking trips, bungee jumping etc
5) A complete bungalow with garden and fence around it, car parking and of course with terrace


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