2 Nov 2008

iPhone woes

Today i had went to the famous phone market in Mumbai - Alfa. It was my first time, and being a sunday it just took me fifteen minutes by bus; had it been a working day it would have taken me an hour at least. It was the first time for me and so it was so much fun to see the Alfa shops in line from 1 to 5. One can get anything you want from the Alfa store from one of the 5 stores. I took a sneel peek into to stores and had fun. There were some nice traveling bags which were worth buying - but the anticipation of prices were quite quite different from the price there !

The iPhone price of 3G for 8 Gb is some Rs 29,450 and Rs 34,000 for 16 GB . What the heck i said! Its better to buy off a second hand one i thought. There is not much difference in price from those sold in Airtel and Vodafone centres then. But if you are on a shopping mood, you definitely gotta go to his Alfa stores.Its worth taking a look. I also had some look on Sony DSLR alpha series, Nikon D50 and Canon EOS Series. It maybe the first time i am looking at a DSLR, taking it into my hands. I was tempted to buy the Sony Alpha at Rs 22000 but then i thought i should not go for impulsive shopping. If i have to buy somethng, i need to be sure about it first and then buy it - no matter what the price. By putting in some thousand bucks, if i can get a better one - whats the big deal huh! I believe in buying the best thing i can get hold of, witht the price tag in mind. Most people think of just buying it to fulfil thir wish but i have found that it doesnt stick long with the interest with which you had bought it with , along with passing time. So i tend to go for the best quality thing, though it may cost a little more. If i have to buy a DSLR, i need to make sure what my requirements are, then make sur the camera fulfills my need and then finally negoatiation on the prce. Indian mind generally tend to buy more then buy less with the same amount, i feel that its not necessary.

I will maybe buying it in December when i get some more money : )
So till then i have to hang on, Till then i have to make up my mind on what my requirement is - iPhone or DSLR. But this december, at least one of them is sure to be in my hand :)


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