7 Apr 2009

Candle light vigil

The past pupils of Don Bosco, Imphal had arranged a Candle Light Vigil on 5th April 2009 at 7:30 PM local time. It was arranged in connection with a paying respects to he muders of a past Civil Services Boscinian officer, who was killed by Millitants in Manipur for disagreering to part the funds meant for a small village in Manipur. All concerned members came in time and we had a good time, we shared that common thing in us. Apart from Mumbai, what makes it histroy is the CVL being done at various loctions across the world.

Apart from Mumbai, CLV was held at the following Locations :

1. Europe:
* Rome (Italy)
* Seville, (Spain)
* Madrid, (Spain)
* Paris, (France)
* Milan, (Italy)
* Bilbao, (Spain)
* Valencia (Spain)
* Brussels, (Belgium)
* Moscow, (Russia)
* Munich (Germany)
* Lisbon (Portugal)
* Dublin (Ireland)
* Prague (Czech)

2. South America
* Brasilia (Brazil)
* Buenos Aeris (Argentina)
* Bogota (Colombia)
* Caracas (Venezuela)

3. Asia
* Manila (Phillipines)
* Colombo (Sri Lanka)
* Tokyo (Japan)
* Hong Kong (China)
* Mauritius
* Seoul (S Korea)
* Macau (China)

4. Africa
* Johannesburg (South Africa)
* Nairobi (Kenya)
* Harare (Zimbabwe)
* Cairo (Egypt)
* Cameroon

5. Americas
* New York (US)
* San Francisco (US)
* Quebec (Canada)
* Vancouver (Canada)

6. India
* DB Park Circus (West Bengal), including the Alumni Association of DB Park Circus
* DB Academy Patna (Bihar)
* DB Matunga (Maharastra)
* DB Malbassey (Sikkim)
* DB Chennai
* DB Hyderabad
* DB Chennai
* DB Bangalore
* DB Trichy

Past Pupils of DBS, Imphal will also have the Candle Light Vigil done at:
1. Uripok(cremation site), Imphal.
2. Tamenglong, Manipur
3. Arambam, Imphal
4. Dimapur, Nagaland
5. Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh
6. Bangalore
7. Chennai
8. Kolkata
9. Mumbai
10. New York
11. Cannada
12. Sohar, The Sultanate of Oman
13. Dubai
14. Singapore
15. London
16. Malmo, Sweden
17. Delhi

This is the first time other DBS schools came up for a common cause, recognizing the enthusiasm of being a true Bosconian. We all are proud to be a Boaconian, we will make it happen.


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