19 Apr 2009

Mumbai - city of joy!

Amchi Mumbai!! No matter how many times i would complain about the way things are here in Mumbai, at the end of the day...all i can remember is good memories . Good times, bad times ..life goes on making trails. This week, i have had three parties in two consecutive days. First was given by my boss himself along with a colleague. Immediately after that i had to rush to another place where party was already going on for my MBA frens. I rushed to the place no matter how far it was, coz in Mumbai we all hardly get time to meet one another and this was one of the most convenient and good way of reunion. I returned home around 2:30 AM in the morning and slept with a contented smile, with good memories in mind. The next day, office was half day due to saturday. After office and having lunch, i was lying down resting when another rendezvous was fixed for another party/reunion of Engg friends who came down from Delhi. Its not the party i am referring to good times here, the fact is that these parties/reunions were a small part of the memory making moments. When i met my old frens at the reunion, i told him to shift in Mumbai, as he was given a chance anyway to shift here.

Can you imagine me suggesting someone to shift over here in Mumbai? It was me only who was fretting over staying in Mumbai and worried how i would cope up and all. But with time, i have adjusted to the system here. I am so adjusted that if i shift or move out to another place, i definitely will miss Mumbai. Even if i were to shift to New York or Japan, which are considered to be one of the best destinations of work culture and professionalism, i know i will definitley miss Mumbai. Theres something special here in Mumbai, that seems and makes people comfotable in no time and make him say "Amchi Mumbai" (My Mumbai) There definitely is something here in Mumbai, that fulfills everyones dreams - city of dreams!

I think that because people have the previlege to let out their feelings/ emotions or get some mental peace when they want anytime of the day in a nearby bar. It may sound funny, but i think its an important factor in ones behaviour and work culture. Unless one let out his frustration or take rest, he cannot run longer in this race of life. This may be the other view which i have in mind, but there are lot many reasons why people come here chasing dreams. I talk to all kinds of people here, from restaurant waiters to auto drivers.. i have never seen anyone who is not happy with what and where he is. He may be complaining of his salary or place but he is happy being here in Mumbai.

Everything is systematic here, everyone follows the rules and fear to break them alike, people are good hearted and not deceiving. Most importantly people dont have time for any bullshit business, all are serous about how they make the most of their time. And they also see to it that each second invested benefits him in one way or other. People really do not have time to waste, professionalism reflects is them. The good part in my life is that there are people who undertands the suffering and pain i am undergoing through, living far away from home , tyring to earn a living, seprated from family for months.Jai ho!! Amchi Mumbai.


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