30 Apr 2009

Salary- a workaholic's version

Many of you might have been under the impression that i have been writing a lot about Mumbai these days. The last time i asked a barber where he was from, at the time MNS activity was in full swing and with the Shiv Sena office near my home, he replied "jo number Mumbai ka, woh Mumbai ka" (He , whose mobile number if of Mumbai, is of Mumbai). He was however from Rajasthan and have been staying in Mumbai for the past few years. I guess i have been talking with all groups of the society nowadays.. barbers, pan wala, waiters, auto drivers etc and why not.. people are treated as people here.

In this hectic work culture of Mumbai, (thanks i got the idea what workaholic means) everyone tried to prove hiw own worth in his own field and within his capacity. I do not consider myself a workahlic at this moment but looking at the past, from what i was, i guessed Mumbai has made me a changed man. Everyone tries to make the best out of his time in work and hence the expectation in salary, despite the recession and job insecurities. It seems like people are ready to put in their career in their line of work to risk, to evaluate and to make worth every moment he spends in office in the form of salary! People in general must be having that thought, but as far as i know myself, i know wha i deserve.

Some friends of mine have just got their confirmation letter a few days a go with some noticable amount of hike in their gross salary. I do hope that like them, who have put life into work and made things seems impossibly possible, a hike in my salary. Well thats worth it, only if the organization have seen the efforts i have put in the line of work i am in. And i di believe that, they will. I will update soon with the good news. As of now, m on a holiday for two days with a saurday in between.


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