30 Apr 2009

Holidays are no fun anymore

As a child, we all make fuss to get holidays and do what we like - idle away, run around, play , roam, swim in the nearby river, go trekking, flirt school girls .... We used to make funny excuses just to miss the class, just to sit all day at home and have fun all day. There is a 2 day holiday in a stretch with a Saturday in between and i am already losing patience.... I have been refreshing my gmail, yahoo and orkut accounts every 2 minutes now but no mails at all. I was in fact, bust deleting spams ...

What a sheer waste of holidays! Wish such holidays were there in childhood days.
Holidays are no fun anymore.... unless they are, of course paid ones.. and casul leaves, not national /state holidays

I do have plans for a list of destinations to be visited on a half yearly basis...
Some of them are.. Pondicherry, Jammu, Lakshwadeep, Sikkim, Ladakh etc.
The list will go on after each destination gets checked out...


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