18 Sep 2007

Different upbringings! My school (Don Bosco,Imphal) against other top three schools

Here is a comparison of four famous schools of Manipur in terms of the student's character and upbringing. Maybe i am wrong in my own ways but they are my own experience as well as form my batch mates. Now the analysis part:

1) Group activities: I dunno how or when we have been embedded with a familiar teaching of grouping since childhood days. Freak out in groups,punished in groups,played in groups,eat,drink,fun etc. It seems like individually one could not have had the fun one would have got in groups.
From nursery till class ten we would have to go in line after assembly,sit house wise (in sports),class wise participation and not mixed classes (rare) in case of any event,class wise or section wise competition,class wise talent search,class wise allotment of books by late sir terry,class wise allotment of class teacher (in lower class),class wise matches -football,basketball. So you can see we have been always in groups from start till we pass out!!

You may argue that other schools like LFS,Josephs etc also do the same thing in school but here i would differ in the perspective of the student- teacher relationships as well as the difference in school's mission and hence upbringing.
" TRUTH & DUTY" (Joseph's) ,
"Virtue and Knowledge" (LFS) ,
" Love,Wisdom,Truth,Justice,Service." (NBS)
as against " "For God and country" (DBS- my school)

2) Behavior: In our batch, i have noticed that St.Joseph's students are quite hard working and serious kinda nature (on average),
LFS students were of competitive nature (on average),
NBS students were logical and practical in nature (on average) whereas DBS guys were dedicated,loyal and submissive in nature. Please don't have any personal grudge on me because of my remarks of "half baked research" as i told earlier,they are my own experiences and findings. And i am taking about the overall nature of the students and none in particular (there are definitely exceptions in each case). Now can you relate nature of each school's students with their school's mission? Yeah i hope so.

3) As a person: St. Joseph guys were kinda silent performers who ascend when their fellowmen are sleeping - they show their results through their actions,doesn't share much with their classmates unless necessary,
NBS were silent motivators,who upon motivation either ascend their steps or remain still - they mark their presence silently,doesn't share in school but discuss in private with their classmates
LFS gals..hmm they are quite fussy when it comes to studies.. like to discuss in class and keep the extra knowledge for herself type
DBS guys- ahh wat can i say..i can see in the glow of their happiness.
they are reputationally motivated (what will she say if i come 3rd this time type) lol Jokes apart..they don't think of studies as a part of their career but as a tool in life/part of their life.They freak out,have all the fun in school and at home and yest find time to study also.(i almost forgot ) they are ready to share anything,unless its emotionally attached..
4) Location : The location of DBS is such that its alomst cutoff from the rest of the world. when you enter those tall iron gates, you leave behind the world outside. there are two worlds for them an inside world (in school) which was disciplined,friendly,fun and enjoyment. (tell me a name who hasnt enjoyed a single day in DBS?)
i always wanted to go outside the gates when we were in school but a fear too gripped me from within as if when i return "what if the gates are closed and i cant enter?". besides that the beautiful "chingmeirong ching" stand before us as if guarding us from evil...with the vast green football ground upon our mercy. (most schools dont have football ground)

NBS is located in the middle of city..without any good view.anyway they arent fussy abt views (who can expect a beautiful landscape in middle of city?) the school campus is their world..and sadly even less space to play.!! so less interaction with students of other classes..

LFS lies a few kms out of the city limits ( u pass by the welcome to imphal board when u go to LFS!!) And with a college just opposite their school (Imphal college),they have a glimpse of the college life even when they are at school.. (lucky gals) hence have a biased nature and forms perception fast. their world too ends within the green gates with a wish to be located nearer to the city (London Fashion school they call themselves lol). i guess they interact more with sisters rather than their classmates

St josephs..it seems to be an out casted school.. away from city..away from all odds of life..with the line of mountains on the horizon..maybe thats why they dont talk much..their world is limited ..alone in the middle of the fields it stand .

Besides all rumors..an LFS gal looks out for St Joseph guy and vice versa as NBS looks upto DBS and vice versa.

P.S. These are my views and personal experiences Suggestions and criticisms are welcome but not personally.I don't hold any personal grudge with any schools or students.


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