6 Sep 2007

Thursday again: its Aloo-gobi and roti !!!!

You might be wondering what a funny topic to write today! Yeah but it isn't if you read further and rather not lose interest.

A few weeks ago,on Thursday lunch we have "allo gobi" with roti,rice etc. I seldom eat roti just because its not worth in mess and i prefer rice to roti.That day i ate roti with the aloo gobi and the most amazing thing happened out of nowhere! I remembered my childhood days when we used to have rotis every saturday or sunday with aloo gobi,aloo dum or any other sabji.

Its not of the sudden eating of roti but the taste that day;i experienced almost the same taste as the one which my late grandfather had prepared when i was a child!! I ate the roti and sabji ..chewing slowly and trying to bask in the memories past long ago,forgotten with time.I closed my eyes,could see myself siting in the kitchen floor and having food.Mom was taking out rotis after rotis from the hot case where it was stored.I could hear my grandfather counting how many he had eaten and asking me how many i had already,as if we were on a competition! I had finished most of the rotis while others were just starting,so mom asked me to stop eating.With the little sabji on the plate and a sad face,i finish my last roti and retired from the tiring exercise!!
It seemed just like yesterday,dwindled and twisted. When i opened my eyes,i realized i had two rotis on my plate with more sabji. I somehow felt aback to realize the reality and wished if i had the last roti in my hand and a little sabji made by my grandfather instead of the two rotis and more sabji i had that time.

I also realized that on thursdays we use to have gobi at home often,because it was a veggie day at home.Somehow i could not understand all these things happening at the split of a thought instantaneously. I suddenly felt like crying to miss him badly and remember him so suddenly,the thrust seem to have gained momentum on my eyes.I watched the people in the cafe around..laughing,eating and talking their way of lives.I smiled at myself for the funny little thought that came tom my mind as i was eating my last roti with sabji.

Memories flashed before me like a lightning making a thundering sound in my stomach and raining slowly from my eyes.I pressed my eyelids hard and tried not to led the tear roll down and waste its value before the rest of the world who were busy with their own work.I took up the corrugated silver glass,slide it against the broken rim and drank the water slowly as i woke up from the table with my plate.My friend yelled "are you finished so soon?". I said," i have had enough rotis,ill take rice" and took rice from the counter.

Today is thursday,and believe me i smiled at myself as i took more chapatis than rice and amazed my friends. They don't know that on this day,i do remember my beloved grandpa through this morsel of food.And all i wish to have is the last piece of roti with a little sabji after leaving a roti and some sabji on the side of plate for my grandpa!

Miss you and love you grandpa.Wherever you are,do rest in peace!

Me,Granda and my lil bro


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