30 Sep 2007

Manipuri Koreans!!!

For the last few years i have seen fanatic fans of Korean movies and serials in Manipur. I could say that those who haven't seen Korean movies in Manipur is considered to be fron stone age. I don't know whats thee in Korean movies but there is always something that makes people glued to the movie/serial. In fact my friends in MBA which are of course non Manipuris have accepted them so well after " my sassy girl", "Windstruck" and other movies that they began to imitate like Koreans.
Now who can say that Korean movies are not great?

I began to think of its culture and behaviour in those movies projected by those actors/actress and found out that its cool! Any movie or serial will reflect the culture and nature of the place, no matter in which language it be.Thats the true beauty of art and human behaviour. No matter what the culture or religion one follows,the movies will always reflect their culture and thoughts. From the Korean movies i came to know lot of things especially about relationships and their perception of life.Maybe they follow a different religion or pray to a different local God but its not that matters here..its how they progress in life. In China they eat frogs which is considered to be a very low kind of act in India of all things. In Japan they eat locusts,mice,octopus etc which are considered to be a very "barbaric act" or food items in India. But none complains in India and they only relate that Japanese eat this and that ..thats it. But if you eat a frog in India wou will be outcasted from the group,village or locality. But they accept the fact that Japanese eat them so its ok for them. Does that mean that due to the progress of the country,the food habits,thir culture is acceptable while the same food be considered as
something worthless? So does that mean that the food habits depends on where it is being eaten/served??

I have been to Kerala and many other places. The most amazing thing is that,in a small town of 10/20 Kms radius they have a small restaurant where we can eat pork and beef.Well inknow that Indians will offend that but i would like to emphasize that the rating of life depends on the progress in life and not what people do in life.

Many children have been reported to talk in Koreans impressed bt the movies. The basic thing about Korean movies is that the storyline is so nice. There is not a single movie /serial that I have not shed a tear. You will realize this when you get married and have to think about the if not follow orders from someone.


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