2 Oct 2007

The day i bought my new Digicam DCS H3

After much consideration and tough thinking i finally decided to buy myself a new digicam which could provide me with good image quality and that will last me the rest of the life. After looking and reading reviews of so many camera online i finally was moved by the great design and looks of DSC H3,H7 and H9 series of Sony. With the price range that suits me best i narrowed dow my choice finally to H3 and finally gathered courage to go to Aundh in Pune where Sony world was located and watched other cameras too. There was this H9 which was fabulous and great looking.My good fren Hemant Saxena was amazed to see the design and asked me to buy that one instead of H3 but i had no choice as my pockets were not deep enough. i had the money but i had intended to buy some other things due to which i have to shortlist my choice to H3.

It was a box pack and moreover i could not transact through my debit card as there was some connectivity problem. went to ATM but i could not transact more then 15K. We returned with a long face and gave some advance to book it and came back. The lady attendant,in her mid 20s was rather sad thinking she lost her customer commission and said "shit!" . I said don't worry lady, ill be coming back soon and left.

Cyber-shot H3's sophisticated features like Face Detection Technology and the Advanced Sports Shooting Mode make it easier for you to capture the perfect shot. You can also connect the camera to a High Definition (HD) TV to enjoy the ultra-sharp details and vibrant colours of HD on the big screen. Some of the features are
  • 8.1 Megapixel
  • 10x Optical Zoom
  • Advanced Sports Shooting Mode
  • 2.5" TFT LCD
  • Bionz Imaging Processor
  • Anti Blur system with High Sensitivity
  • Super SteadyShot
  • MPEG Movie VX Fine
  • Face Detection Technology
The face detection technology is amazing.It identifies the face and follows as you move the camera accrodingly.The next day we went and paid in cash and took hold of the Camera. It was amazing experience..you the the first demo is always fascinating.We took snaps,made inquiries and finally moved out. Then we went to Pyramid in Senapati bapat Road.It seemed as if it had been calling me since ages. We went inside with such enthusiasm (with money in pocket lol) and i bought some under wears,t shirt and other things. We were tired of course yet the enthusiasm kept us alive and dragged ourselves home. We then went out for dinner with an old fren of mine and had a nice time with them.
Discussed so many topics about work life,experiences in companies and the ground realities in Corporate world.

Time flew like a bird and it was time to say bye. We had clicked some fotos which is really amazing to its true spirit. We on our way back too clicked snaps at the IT Park chowk and in hostel It was an amazing piece of technology and i hope it will give me a great deal of togetherness and memories to hold on too.


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